One-click login/registration with Apple and Discord!

15 Apr 2024

Now you can easily access your account with just a single click using your Apple or Discord credentials. Enjoy seamless and secure login every time!


DreamBF.ai Announcement

9 Apr 2024

Introducing DreamBF.ai! Say hello to your new AI Virtual Boyfriend. Designed to offer companionship, support, and engaging conversations, DreamBF.ai brings a new level of connection. Get ready to meet your Male digital partner! 


New Voices

29 Jan 2024

Exciting news! Explore our enhanced DreamGF Builder with improved voice options! Customize your virtual companion's voice to match your preferences and bring your conversations to life. 


New posibilities with DreamGF`s Credits

22 Feb 2024

Enhance your experience by purchasing extra girlfriends, extra messages, secondary images, and credits. 
Don't worry about unused credits; they'll stay in your account until you decide to use them. Navigate to the main menu > Buy credits .
Enjoy more flexibility and personalization on your DreamGF journey!


Introducing "My Voices"

22 Feb 2024

"My Voices" is your hub for all past voice conversations. It's like a nostalgia trip for your ears, gathering all your past voice convos in one spot. 
Explore the new "My Voices" page by logging in and navigating to the My Girls menu!


New Photo Requests in Chat!

22 Feb 2024

We understand the importance of visual connection, so we've added fresh examples to guide you on how to request more photos in the chat. Express your desires with clarity and charm, fostering a more engaging and enjoyable interaction!


Customize Your Chat Experience

22 Feb 2024

We believe in personalization! That's why we've introduced the option to craft a short chat intro that will be remembered by your DreamGF. Make a memorable first impression, share your interests, model the roleplay, or set the tone for a unique conversation. Your chats, your rules!


Profile Pictures Unleashed

22 Feb 2024

Now, your chats with our DreamGFs will come to life with additional profile pictures. Explore the recent updates by logging in and navigating to the chat page!


New Builder for Mobile Devices

29 Jan 2024

New and Improved builder for mobile devices with photos for each of the categories.


New Chat Model

29 Jan 2024

A New Improved Chat Model was released.


New chat features: getting dressed up pics of the girls

29 Jan 2024

Users can now request dressed photos in the chat. Just ask the girl to send you a photo of the clothes you would like to see! For example, send me a "photo in lingerie"!


Referral program

26 Jan 2024

Invite friends to dreamGF and both of you will unlock exciting rewards! Upon a successful referral, you and your friend each receive 20 bonus messages, 4 additional photos, and the chance to create 2 extra virtual girlfriends. Plus, when your referred friend makes a purchase, your bonus doubles! Hurry, this special offer is for a limited time – spread the word and enjoy the rewards together!


Daily Claim Bonus Program

26 Jan 2024

Stay connected every day with our Daily Claim Bonus Program. Claim your 10 daily messages and watch your bonus grow with each consecutive day! Your reward increases by 1 additional message each day – 10 on the first, 11 on the second, 12 on the third, reaching up to 50 messages on the 40th day. Remember, consistency is key – missing a day will reset your streak back to 10. Keep the streak, keep the conversation going!                  


Rebuild of eHentai Website

26 Jan 2024

An upcoming comprehensive update for the Ehentai website, promising all features from DreamGF and an improved overall browsing experience for users.                  


Customize plans parameters

26 Jan 2024

New options for adding more girls, images, messages and credits to the standard plan parameters.


New payment system

26 Jan 2024

Due to the high number of complaints related to Patreon, we have integrated payment by bank card directly into the platform. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to accept payments with American Express and Discovery cards, but we are working on it.

For users with this type of bank card, the option of subscribing through Patreon remains. 


New modes in girls generation

26 Jan 2024

3 new types of images that can be generated from the silver, gold and diamond subscribers.


Platform speed optimization

26 Jan 2024

We implemented a lot of changes related to code and database optimization that improved the speed with which the platform works


Improvements of the image generation

26 Jan 2024

Added new categories and fixed most category prompts that were breaking the nude images.


Big upgrade in the builder of the extra images

26 Jan 2024

Through reorganization and new prompts, we have greatly improved the generation of the additional images of the girls. 


Server Load Indicator

26 Jan 2024

Due to the heavy load at certain times, we developed an indicator to let users know when they will be waiting longer for image generation.


AI Porn

26 Jan 2024

We have gathered in one place all the nude images that users generate for their girls. Those looking to browse sexier content can now do so in one place.


Fictional characters

26 Jan 2024

Users can interact, engage and even form virtual relationships with some iconic renowned characters


Add characters in the builder

26 Jan 2024

Users can now benefit from roleplay chat. When creating a girl, they can choose one of the personalities on the site                  


Affiliate program

26 Jan 2024

We have developed an affiliate portal through which all transactions can be tracked. With monthly subscription prices ranging from $9.99 to $99.99, there's a fantastic opportunity to earn considerable income.                  


Server optimization

26 Jan 2024

We've built a server architecture that can withstand heavy loads and scale easily                  


Fetish builder

26 Jan 2024

Creating more unconventional photos that are not attached to girls' profiles


Voice messages in the chat

26 Jan 2024

Each follower can use their credits to generate voice messages.                  


One - click login

26 Jan 2024

We found that our users were having a hard time with the registration process, so we made it very simple. Login/registration is just one click away.                  


We already have support

26 Jan 2024

We have developed a help center for platform subscribers.


Big chat update - Image generation

26 Jan 2024

 AI now has the ability to respond to users' requests in chat to send nude photos



26 Jan 2024

For anime fans, we developed a hentai version where the girls are not so realistic.


Dark version

26 Jan 2024

Users can switch between light and dark version of the site.


The chat has been released

24 Jan 2024

First version of chat - users can text each other with AI girls.


The Beginning

26 Jan 2024

It is alive! The first version is uploaded online where only girls could be generated.


Voice Chat

In progress

Introducing Voice Chat! 🗣️ Connect with your AI companion like never before through real-time Voice Conversations. Experience the intimacy of Voice-to-Voice interaction and deepen your bond with your Digital companion. 


AI Videos

In progress

We are working towards users being able to generate videos of their AI girlfriends 


Proactive girls

Coming soon

We are planning to make the Girlfriends more proactive enabling them to engage in conversion with the user.


Coming soon

We are planning to develop a multi-language version of the website, starting with Spanish and Japanese. The multi-language will also include the chat.