Comparison Between CHAT GPT and Its NSFW Version DreamGF

Chat GPT
Key Use Cases
  • AI Companion
  • Roleplay
  • NSFW & ERP
  • AI Chat
  • Chat Customization
  • Voice Chat
  • AI Image
  • AI Porn
  • AI Fetish Generator
  • AI Tinder
Chat GPT
  • AI Image
  • Chatbot
  • Assistant
  • Voice Chat
Free Plan
What`s included in the Free Plan
DreamGF Unlimited Time, NSFW content, 2 GF creations, 4 Image Generations, 20 free messages, Daily check-ins for free messages
Chat GPT Limited version with no advanced features. Strong caps and restrictions on the censored model and content.
Pricing Plans & Options
DreamGF from 7,99$/mo.
Chat GPT Paid subscription of 20$/mo
Roleplay, NSFW & ERP enabled
DreamGF Yes
Chat GPT No
DreamGF Yes
Chat GPT No
UI/UX & PLatform Accessibility
DreamGF Yes
Chat GPT No
DreamGF Yes
Chat GPT Yes
Quality Customer Support & Community
DreamGF Yes
Chat GPT No
SFW and NSFW chats
DreamGF Yes
Chat GPT No

What Can You Do with the Chat GPT NSFW Alternative

what can you do

DreamGF is designed specifically for creating and interacting with AI girlfriends, unlike ChatGPT. Allowing you to customize the AI girl's appearance and personality, enjoy real-time in-chat image generation, voice chat, and more. DreamGF specializes in a more personalized, and satisfying experience for romantic and intimate interactions.

DreamGF excels in image generation, providing real-time, dynamic AI-created images tailored to user`s preferences. Unlike ChatGPT, which lacks visual capabilities, DreamGF allows you to customize and generate unique, high-quality images of your AI girlfriend, including NSFW content.

DreamGF outshines ChatGPT in chatbot xxx texting and sexting mainly due to its 18+ capabilities. Chat customization, including relationship context and memory retention, makes DreamGF the best "ChatGPT for sex" tool.

DreamGF outshines ChatGPT in chatbot xxx texting and sexting mainly due to its 18+ capabilities. Chat customization, including relationship context and memory retention, makes DreamGF the best "ChatGPT for sex" tool.

chat gpt users Will Love DreamGF`s chat/images

What is a NSFW AI Chatbot/Image Generator

What is a NSFW AI Chatbot/Image Generator?

An NSFW AI chatbot and image generator creates adult-themed conversations and images. Users can chat with AI about explicit topics and generate NSFW images, offering a more mature and personalized interaction experience compared to standard AI chatbots. When users are looking for Chat GPT NSFW alternatives, they are actually looking for platforms like DreamGF provides the perfect solution with its advanced AI capabilities tailored for adult content, allowing users to explore their fantasies with realistic AI-generated companions. Whether it's through explicit conversations or custom-generated images, stands out as the go-to alternative for Chat GPT users wanting more adult-oriented content.

Why Doesn`t CHAt GPT Allow NSFW?

What is chat gpt?

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI that gained popularity due to its ability to generate human-like text responses in natural language. It became viral because of its impressive conversational abilities and its accessibility to users through various platforms like messaging apps and websites. ChatGPT's viral success can also be attributed to its integration with social media platforms, where users could share amusing or engaging conversations with the AI, leading to increased awareness and adoption. Its simplicity and ease of use attracted a large user base seeking entertaining and interactive conversations with an AI.

Why ChatGPT doesn`t allow NSFW content?

ChatGPT doesn't allow NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content primarily due to ethical and legal considerations. As an AI developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT aims to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all users, including minors and those who prefer to avoid explicit or inappropriate content. Additionally, restricting NSFW content helps preserve the reputation and integrity of the platform, fostering trust among users and stakeholders.

Can you bypass ChatGPT`s rules?

The short answer: is yes, but in practice very difficult.. Any NSFW/sexually explicit scenarios you may want to write with ChatGPT won`t work on ChatGPT`s website we all know. There are communities and people on the internet trying to jailbreak using different prompts they can find, but none seems to be working to make ChatGPT 18+ or xxx

Using ChatGPT via flowgpt and attempting specific DAN jailbreak prompts may display limited results. Despite this, the best you can hope for are sexually suggestive scenarios. ChatGPT is very cautious about its responses and may disregard certain information you provide. On top of that, it will refuse to use any bad or “foul” language. So can you bypass ChatGPT rules?

ChatGPT is just one of many large language models now. Having said that you can`t bypass its rules using the commercial version of the product, but there are open-source versions you can run on the cloud or your local PC. Each model has unique functions, use cases, or parameters affecting outputs. Which model you will use depends on exactly what you want to use it for and what your hardware specs are. However, these "ChatGPT for sex" LLMs can be fine-tuned for any explicit and adult content, or whatever you want.

Needs to be said that here things are getting a bit technical and not every user can do it. It needs some coding, effort, and a lot of time

Start Now for Free with DreamGF!

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Register for free

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Step 2

Create and personalize a girl

Use our intuitive builder to choose between different face, body, and clothing features. Mix and match until you find the perfect combination.

Step 3

Chat with her and ask her for pictures

Interact with your AI Companion! Chat with them and get to know them better. Generate AI Images on their profile page or request photos in the chat. The Best Chat GPT Alternative for NSFW Adult Content

Plans from: from 7.99$/mo
Plans: 4 Plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamod
Payment time periods: Monthly, Per 3 months (Save 10%), Per 6 months (Save 20%)
Buy additional Extra girlfriends, extra messages, secondary images, and credits
Free trail
Unlimited time
2 Girlfriends
4 Secondary Images
20 Messages
AI Girlfriend Generation
Custom Appearance & Personality
4 Styles Image Generators
Chat with AI Girls
Chat Customization
Voice Messages
Chat with Fictional Characters
Fetish Generator
Ai Tinder
Bonus Programs
Affiliate Program
Referral Program
Daily Claim Bonus


How to use ChatGPT but NSFW?

To generate Adult content, users can explore ChatGPT alternative platforms or models explicitly designed to accommodate NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content and interactions.

How can I use Chat GPT without restrictions?

ChatGPT refrains from hosting NSFW content, prioritizing ethical and legal standards. This policy aims to foster a trusted environment, safeguarding minors and users who prefer a family-friendly experience while upholding the platform's integrity

Is there any AI that allows NSFW?

Yes, DreamGF is an AI platform that allows NSFW content generation. Unlike some other AI models, DreamGF offers users the freedom to explore and create Adult content, providing a unique and customizable experience tailored to individual preferences.

Is it hard to bypass the ChatGPT filters for adult content?

Bypassing ChatGPT filters for adult content can be challenging due to its robust censorship mechanisms. OpenAI has implemented sophisticated algorithms to detect and filter out NSFW content, making it difficult for users to circumvent these restrictions effectively.