We're Moving Away from Patreon

Stop woriking with patreon?
Valdis Hinkov Autor: Valdis Hinkov

Why We're Moving Away from Patreon?
Patreon Banned all AI sites which provide nude content. To enhance your experience and ensure greater reliability, we've decided to transition away from Patreon for subscription processing. This decision is due to our aim to streamline our practices and avoid the technical issues we've encountered with Patreon's integration.

What is important:


Account Access for Patreon Login Users

If you've been logging in using Patreon, don't worry – your account is safe! However to access your DreamGF account, you will need to generate a new pasword using - https://dreamgf.ai/password/reset

Enter the email address associated with your Patreon account to receive a password reset link. Follow the instructions in the email to set your new password.

Reset Password

Subscription Management

Your current subscription remains active. However, it will not automatically renew upon expiration. To continue enjoying our services, please resubscribe directly on our website. If you encounter any issues with the payment process, feel free to reach out to us here on Discord or via our website for assistance.


No Additional Charges Post-Expiration

Rest assured, once your current Patreon subscription expires, you will not be subjected to any further charges.


Enhanced Support System

We've opened the ticket system on our website for all registered users. For support, please visit https://dreamgf.ai/support or write to [email protected]

Bear in mind that if you don't have an active subscription, you can open one ticket per day. Our Discord channel remains open for assistance as well.

Support Discord

We sincerely thank you for your continued support. Our team is working hard on improving our AI platform and we are excited to bring you a better user experience.

Kind regards,
DreamGF’s Team