What is AI prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering refers to the process of crafting effective prompts that are used to guide artificial intelligence models to generate desired outputs.

Tip 1
tip 1
Understand the Principles

The first step towards becoming a good prompt engineer is understanding the principles of the AI models you're working with. As a prompt engineer, your role is to communicate with AI. Knowing how to use language effectively is essential

Understand Your Image Generation Model: The model that you will be using in the DreamGF fetish generator is text-to-image.

Tip 2
tip 2
Master the Art of Brevity

A good prompt is concise and to the point. The longer and more complex a prompt, the more likely it is to result in an output that is not what you intended. Mastering the art of brevity - expressing what you want in the fewest words possible - can be a huge asset.

Start Simple: Always begin with simple, straightforward prompts. If you want an image of a blond girl, start by prompting your model with "A blond girl". This helps you understand the base capabilities of the model.

Tip 3
tip 3
Introduce Specificity

Once you understand the model's base capabilities, you can start to introduce more detail. "A blond girl" could become "A blond girl in red dress".

Each additional detail should make the generated image more specific. For example, “A blond girl in red dress in the Desert”

Tip 4
tip 4
Understand The Model's Knowledge Limitations

The DreamGF AI model has been trained on limited information. Therefore, it might not be aware of some very specific words or phrases. Keep this in mind when designing your prompts.

Tip 5
tip 5
Use Clear Language

Try to avoid using ambiguous language in your prompts. The model will do its best to generate an image based on what it thinks you want, but it may not always guess your intentions correctly. Clear, unambiguous language can help with this.

Tip 6
tip 6
Iterate and Experiment

Prompt engineering is part science, part art. It involves a lot of trial and error. Don't be afraid to try different prompts, and make sure to iterate on what works and what doesn't.

The more prompts you create, the better you'll become at anticipating how a model will respond. It's a process of trial and error, and each failure is an opportunity to learn and improve.

Tip 7
tip 7
Consider the Number of Elements

Too many objects or overly complex scenarios in a single prompt might confuse the model, resulting in a less accurate depiction. Breaking down the scenario into simpler, related prompts might lead to better results.

Tip 8
tip 8
Use Other Successful Prompts as Inspiration

Look at the work others have done in the field of prompt engineering. What worked for them? Can you adapt their successful prompts to your own needs? A good place where people share their work is Civiai. You can browse through different categories and prompts.

Tip 9
tip 9
Understand DreamGF model

In our fetish builder we have predefined the checkpoint, base positive and base negative prompts to ensure that you are on track to get the best results. However, the ultimate quality of the creation lies in your hands.

Remember, prompt engineering is a skill that requires practice. Keep refining your prompts, learning from your failures and successes, and over time, you'll get a good feel for how to get the results you're looking for.

Tip 10
tip 10
Perfecting your Prompt

In order to get the best quality, you will need to include additional key words to improve the output. Here are some examples of base prompts and advanced quality prompts.

Examples of Base Prompts and Good Quality Prompts

Example 1


A nude blond woman

Example 1: Output 1

Stunning beautiful woman, full body, nude, blond hair color, long straight hair, sharp in focus, professional photo of a hyper realistic and highly detailed, 4k, 8k, UHD, high definition, ultra-realistic

Example 1: Output 2

Example 2


Nude woman with red hair cooking

Example 2: Output 1

Stunning beautiful woman cooking in the kitchen, full body, nude, red hair color, sharp in focus, professional photo of a hyper realistic and highly detailed, 4k, 8k, UHD, high definition, ultra-realistic

Example 2: Output 2

Example 3


A woman in black lingerie

Example 3: Output 1
Note: In this case we have no control over the hair and eyes as we used the color black they will be black

Stunning beautiful woman with black lingerie high heels and stockings, full body standing tall, nude, pink hair color, long hair, sharp in focus, professional photo of a hyper realistic and highly detailed, 4k, 8k, UHD, high definition, ultra-realistic

Example 3: Output 2
Note: Here we can decide to change the hair and the quality of the photo to be professional.
Finally, don't be afraid to experiment and think outside the box. AI models can produce unexpected and creative results, and sometimes the most effective prompts are the ones that don't follow conventional wisdom. Experimenting with different strategies and techniques can lead to breakthroughs and novel insights.